Ahmad Jamal’s 1958 hit ‘Poinciana’ has one of those rhythms you know, it simple, elegant, hypnotic yet a bit tricky.  I stumbled in the dark on this piece for years so once I got a better feel for the groove I thought it would be useful to share with others and decided to make a little explainer video.  

Vernel Fournier

Vernel Fournier was with Jamal alongside bassist Israel Crosby from 1958-62 and again briefly from 1965-66.  

Mr. Fournier’s New Orleans roots came to serve him and the group well as he came up with the drum part that emulates a 2nd line bass drummer marching down the streets. 


In the now out of print book by Vernel, ‘Drum Techniques’ we find the entire transcription to this tune.  

Vernel Fournier, Drum Techniques