music for escape


I recently recorded a movement from the Philip Glass String Quartet ‘Company’.  

After hearing the Dublin Guitar Quartet’s recording of his String Quartet I was inspired to try it on marimba.  I also decided to add some drums…not sure if that’s legal within the classical music rule books but i’m willing to take the chance.

Originally Philip wrote this in conjunction with Samuel Beckett for his opera ‘Company’.   Seth Colter Walls gives some good insight to the music and process in this New Yorker article.

“The music should go into the interstices of the text, as it were.”

Samuel Beckett

To give the main phrase variation,  Glass adds only 1 note.  The piece is in 3/4 and the main phrase is made up of 4 eighth notes which work out every 2 bars.  When creating a drum part I put the groupings of 5 on the toms.  I’ve recently upgraded my drum kit from a 4 piece minimal jazz kit to a double bass kit with 5 toms.  I love the tonal & sonic options and this tune was a fun way to break those new voices in.

This was recorded in my home studio and mixed/mastered by James Driscoll at Hot Tonic.