High Hopes

(Pink Floyd cover)

So this song came out in 1994…which was the year I graduated from high school.  I certainly didn’t get the meaning of the tune but I could feel how powerful it was.  Now some 24 years later, I get it.  It’s about looking back…and sometimes that isn’t always pleasant.  And with that, here’s my percussion based version of ‘High Hopes.


(Ben Folds cover)


Jen and I took a vacation and visited Yosemite.  Part of it was on fire…hence the smoke reference.  This tune has represented many things for me over the years…I think the lyrics say it better than I could…again, my one man percussion band.

Our Spanish Love Song

(Charlie Haden cover)


I’ve always loved this album and specifically this tune.  This was easily the quickest video i’ve done…I recorded the parts in a couple of hours and spent an hour or two throwing the video together.  Sometimes I think it’s good to just let the initial vibe be recorded and released…

Ain’t My Fault

(Smokey Johnson cover)

That New Orleans groove is beyond anything i’ve ever experienced…Smokey was one of the originators of crossing the NOLA street beat and with a backbeat.  Here’s my little version of it.  Plus, sometimes in life, it’s important to remember that you’re not responsible for everything…and it Ain’t Your Fault!